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About company

We have been producing laboratory furniture and equipment since 2000

Laboratoroff is a registered long-established trademark of laboratory furniture, equipment and instruments. Production is located both in Russia and in Europe (Germany, Slovenia, Turkey).

We supply equipment and furniture for grain, food, research, road construction and many other laboratories.

We work throughout Russia. We have representative offices in the following cities:

  • Voronezh;
  • Krasnodar;
  • Rostov-on-Don;
  • Saratov.

The warranty on our products is 1 year. We provide warranty and post-warranty repairs.

Our products

We produce:

  • Fume hoods;
  • Laboratory tables (island, chemical, physics, for titration, for microscopy);
  • Cabinets;
  • Wash tables;
  • Cabinets for general purpose, for reagents, for instruments;
  • Equipment for quality control of raw materials and finished products.

Furniture series:

  • «Standard» series (a more economical option with an all-welded frame);
  • «Pragmatist» series (furniture on a prefabricated frame);
  • Series made of polypropylene (furniture for work in special conditions).

Why us?

Bright colors — make your laboratory unique
Work on an individual project  – разработаем проект под Ваши нужды
3D visualization – we will provide visualization for free in case of ordering
Flexible pricing policy — we will choose a solution to suit your budget
Experience — equipped more than 4,500 laboratories since 2000


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